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Like Walking in Deep Sand

>> Sunday, February 10, 2013

It was a glorious sunny morning, so my husband and I decided to forego our indoor ice skating plans and instead head for the woods.  We weren't in the mood for too much company out there, which means we headed to Baltimore Woods.  I had hoped they would be renting snow shoes since my husband doesn't have any, but their office is closed on Sundays.  So, in solidarity, I agreed to walk with him instead of snow shoeing myself.

Ow.  We did not get as much snow here as folks in New England, but there is probably about a foot on the ground at Baltimore Woods. And while it's been traveled and packed down some, it's still fairly deep and squashy. It turns out that walking in such stuff is a lot like walking on a beach through deep soft sand. Your feet kind of slide out every which way, and it's absurdly laborious. I WORKED for the three miles we walked!  Given that I went sledding on Saturday and can barely move my arms after all the effort to keep myself on the inner tube, I figure by tomorrow every inch of me will be in agony.

But I admit it was absolutely delicious to be out in sunshine today.  It was warm enough that all I needed was a light jacket, and at times that was too much.   For the first time in months I was really in the mood to use my camera, because there's little that gives better contrast than sunshine in winter.  I simply love all the shadows on the snow, contrasted with the almost blinding whiteness.  The textures of the snow are amazing too.

I also love how incredibly intense the few flashes of color are.  My eye just gets grabbed by the little bits of color, because they seem magnified by being surrounded by whiteness.


Anyway, it was a lovely if laborious walk, with good company and my trusty camera.  Sunshine, it was so nice to see you!


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