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Big Bad Boots

>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I little while ago, back when I bought my snowshoes, I was lamenting that I did not have and could not currently afford nice insulated boots.  I spent a bunch of time on the Internet and at EMS and a few other places looking at all the usual good brands I consider for outdoor gear.  My searches were fruitless - they were, quite frankly, bloody expensive.

Then I went to Marshalls one afternoon.  I stumbled upon the most absurd pair of boots that were so obnoxiously over the top that I stopped and gazed longingly at them.  I love boots.  Big, fluffy, silly boots.  In fact, I love anything fluffy.  These boots were were deliciously fluffy.

They had one pair left, they were in my size, and they cost less than half what all the other insulated boots I'd looked at cost.  I tried them on.  They fit perfectly.  I read the box.  I hadn't heard of the brand before - Lafuma - but they sounded like real outdoors gear, based on the description.  They were waterproof and insulated and supposedly had specially engineered soles.  

But really, I bought them simply because I loved them hopelessly.

Gaiters?  Who the heck needs gaiters?  Not me anymore!

The first couple of times I wore them I thought I understood why they were on clearance at Marshalls, as they kind of chewed up my ankles.  But I've now officially broken them in and they're amazingly comfortable.  The very best thing about them?  They're SO WARM.  My poor pathetic Raynaud's ridden toes stay completely warm and normally colored snuggled inside my ridiculous boots, even in sub-zero temperatures.  Let's face it - my whole calves stay warm.  The traction on them is outstanding, and they're comfortable enough for very long walks.

The next best thing about them, after their warmth?  The hilarious up-and-down looks I get from people when I wear them in public.  They seem to make an impression on people, for better or for worse.  Women, in particular, will gaze at my feet for a minute, then steal furtive "who the heck is wearing those" glances up at my face.  It sometimes takes all I've got not to burst out laughing.

Mind you, the down side to them is that they take about 10 minutes to lace up, especially with a cat or two hanging off those long laces as I whip them back and forth.

A few days ago my husband shouted to me that Simon had somehow gotten off his leash, and could I please help him run around outside to try to find the dog?  I flew out of my chair by the fire and over to my boots.  I started lacing.  I continued lacing.  I laced as fast as I possibly could.  I kept lacing.  By the time I got my boots on and made it out the back door, my husband was irritably walking up the back walkway with both dogs trotting next to him on their leashes.  He asked, what on earth had taken me so long?  All I could do was look eloquently down at my ridiculous boots.


Woodswalker February 3, 2010 at 11:04 AM  

Wishing you toasty toes and lots of chuckles! Great boots!

Ellen Rathbone February 3, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

I smiled. I snorted. I laughed out loud. Fun boots - great story! And I totally get the "I laced, and laced, and laced some more" bit - I have the same problem with my mukluks.

squirrel February 5, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

Those boots are made for walkin. Fun story and great boots.

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