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Trees and a bird

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm itching for warmer weather. That 80 degree stuff we experienced a few weekends ago was a great big tease.  But, happily, although I'm cold and whiny, spring marches on.

We braved the cool temperatures on Sunday to do our big elm tree move. Here's the before shot of the tree in my Dad's yard:

Um, yeah.  My reaction to that was it had gotten awfully big since I last looked at it.

After lots and lots and lots and lots of digging, my Dad, my husband and I finally managed to get the tree up and out of the ground.  It went for a ride in Dad's truck, and then we did more digging.  Here's baby in its new home:

I'm really not sure it's going to make it.  We disturbed the roots a whole lot more than we should have, and I am more than a little concerned that it was too much damage.  But, we shall water it obsessively and nurse it along as best we can.  It's all we can do.

All that digging led to some serious pain, affliction, and other bad stuff this morning.  It's amazing how many muscles were tender.  And yet, I went to the gym as scheduled today anyway, fool that I am.  I figure I'll either feel better tomorrow, or be completely incapacitated.

After our tree transplant, I wandered around the yard to assess spring's progress.  I don't know what this bush is, but it's lovely every spring.

The pear is blooming, which amazes me given how sickly the poor thing is.

The apple has no flowers yet, but lots of buds.

And mama chickadee is still hanging out in her nest box.  I guess we haven't disturbed her nest enough to make her relocate.  I can hardly wait to hear those happy little baby bird cheeps emanating from the house!


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