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>> Friday, July 30, 2010

I love tidepools.  I have for as long as I can remember.  They're so mysterious, and so chock full of cool things.

Although the coastline of Maine is rocky, there aren't a whole lot of opportunities for tide pooling around Cobscook Bay.  I think the explanation for that is that it's a bay, and tide pools need waves.  There are a few good tide pools on the Quoddy Head, though, so of course I spent a little time picking things out of them. Unfortunately, the rocks are wicked slippery, and with my good camera in my hand I didn't feel all that daring in my tide pool adventures this year.  Dunking it would really have ruined my day.

I did pick out a few neat critters and take a few shots that I liked though.

The seaweed is awesome.  I love seaweed.  There are seemingly zillions of different varieties, from fat plasticky kelp, to puffy little bumpy pods, to delicate frilly pink curly things.  Some are iridescent blue, some pink, lots are brown or green.  Sadly, I haven't taken the time to identify these yet.  I may still get around to it.  But even without identifications, I think they look cool.

I also love all the snails and barnacles.  Why is it that snails are so cute, yet slugs are sort of gross?

A few titchy starfish:

I also found some crabs skittering around, but given how much grief the one I picked up gave me, I couldn't manage to hold the camera with one hand and him with the other without getting my fingers pinched, HARD.  I therefore have no pictures of him, although the pinch marks have finally faded off my fingers.  Quite a defense mechanism.  I wonder how many pounds per square inch of force those little suckers generate?  Seriously impressive amounts.

Other things in the tide pools in Quoddy Head are sea urchins, anemones (which I can't help poking gently to make them suction onto my fingers), and even, if you're lucky, bitty lobsters.

Spouse and kids waiting patiently for me to stop poking in tide pools:


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