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The benefits of a spouse toting a camera too

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My husband has been wanting to get more into photography.  We generally consider our Nikon D70 to be my camera, which essentially means that I hog it all the time.  But he's got a good eye for photography, too, and really loves the technical aspects of it.

He's considering keeping our D70 instead of trading it in when I finally upgrade, and has also been thinking about buying a Nikon F4 35 mm, which is the awesome camera he borrowed from our friend D last weekend.  The only trouble with shooting in 35 mm is how expensive it is to develop photos, but still, it's certainly fun.  There are things one can do with film that one cannot do with a digital camera.  He really likes doing everything manually, too - he has the patience to focus manually and select all the settings, whereas I tend to run out of patience just on the focusing part.  Being mechanically minded, he loves all the knobs and dials on the F4.  I'm curious which way he'll ultimately decide to go.

On our Adirondack photography trip, he spent a little time shooting with D's old D70 and captured these, which he particularly liked.  The first is water rushing into a dark cavern under some rocks, shot with flash.  You should have seen the contortions he put himself into trying to shoot it.  Super cool effect.

These ones of the spider in the web frankly irk me - I tried and tried to get shots of the spiders in their webs from the side, to demonstrate the way they were blowing in the wind.  As I said, he has more patience than I do, and actually succeeded where I failed.

I love the idea of my husband toting a camera around, too.  It's fun to spend time taking pictures together.  He teaches me technical stuff, I teach him more artistic things about composition.  We're a good pair.

This, however, is one of the reasons I think it's great to have him have a camera at all times too.  One never knows when a second camera will be able to capture an amusing moment.  I love this shot.  I wonder who the second photographer was.  (From

funny animal photos-ALA Photo Shoot: You're Doin' It Right!


Sharon August 18, 2011 at 11:16 AM  

GREAT Pictures and stories!! Thanks for sharing!

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