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Random Observations

>> Monday, December 6, 2010

Not much inclination for blogging lately, so I'll just throw out a few quick tidbits.

1.  Snow + Me = Happy Human.

Yippee!!!!  There are 24 inches of snow out there.  My motto: if it's going to be cold, it may as well be snowing.  My goal for this winter: to go out in the yard and build a bunch of demented snow people, a la Calvin & Hobbes.

2.  Snow + Cat = Instant Hilarity.

Pippin, the lunatic, LOVES the snow.  He's so excited about it that he bounds around in the most uncoordinated manner, with his back feet getting ahead of the rest of him.  If you play tag with him outside,  he will veer off the path, take a flying leap at a snowbank with all four feet flailing, and floomp!  Disappear into the snowbank in a flying cloud of white flakes.  Only the tip of his tail remains visible.  Then up pops his spastic fluffy little head, with a pile of snow for a hat.  Then he rockets out of the bank straight for your ankles.  Pictures to come, with any luck.  Up until now I have been laughing way too hard to hold a camera steady enough to take pictures of the phenomenon.

Best I can offer: a Pippin in its natural habitat:

3.  Tree + Indoors = Happy Cats.

The tree and lights are up, and the cats seem to very much like having a tree in the house, albeit a fake tree. Shock of shocks, Pippin likes to climb it.  None of them are any too fond of the Lego train that runs around underneath it.  Darn train is intruding on their feline space.


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