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A Spring Stroll

>> Saturday, April 16, 2011

It is such an incredible relief to have some warmer weather, finally.  Although, as I say that, it's raining, cold, dreary, drippy, and blowing.  Oh, happy spring.  At least we have been able to take advantage of the longer days and go for some after work strolls along the Erie Canal, even if they've been pretty sunless.

Simon, for one, is pretty much ecstatic about the lack of snow and cold.  He loves spring walks about as much as I do.  This is what tends to happen - Simon stops and whuffles with great intent, and then realizes he's fallen behind one human or the other, and takes off at a joyous sprint to catch up.

That expression is irrisistable, isn't it?  We wind up not keeping a very steady pace, because it seems like a shame to interrupt Simon's delighted ramblings and sprints.

Speaking of Simon running, all the bits of dog that flap when Simon runs are hilarious.  Check out the lips and ears:

I can't wait to take pictures of him running toward me on a sunny day, when I can get photos that aren't quite so grainy.

There's not a whole lot of green out yet.  The skunk cabbages are up, and we spotted a few violets and bloodroot, too.  But along the canal, that's about it.

Even all dressed in brown, the canal path is a lovely walk, though.

We found evidence of an overly ambitious beaver who moved through the area at some point in the past.

And since I love photos that mix industry and nature, I simply cannot resist shooting the old cars that rest along the trail.  At what point does garbage become old enough that it has charm?  Because these cars have crossed that line, at least for me.

About a mile down the canal path from our house, we come upon an opening that leads to an old landfill.  The landfill isn't active anymore, and thankfully doesn't smell bad.  At the top of one of the landfill slopes is a cell tower (at least I assume that's a cell tower).  To our delight, some osprey have nested on top of it this year!

No views of babies yet, but we could get a good look and mom and dad, while they warily eyed us back.

It's so nice to be back outside again, without having to bundle up to my eyeballs, and stuff hand-warmers in my mittens!


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails April 16, 2011 at 1:27 PM  

hilarious pics of your baby! that one (third one) with the eyes so intent and happy is an award winning shot! if you have some time, stop by and try solve my mystery...if you do you get the whtie flower farm gift certificate! gotta read well though and i know you are smart...sooo...maybe you will win, so far nobody has.

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